Bucks Floral Design Program Gives Highest Certification


Sarah Zawodniak, Centurion Staff

Fascinated about flowers?

Bucks has just started a new program where students can achieve the highest level of floral design certification in the nation.

Paving the way for other schools to pick up this floral design program, Bucks was the first college in Pennsylvania this past summer to become “an educational partner with the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD),” as reported by a press release from Assistant Director of Public Relations Jean Dolan.

The certificate program’s end goal is for students to pass AIFD online test after passing Bucks’ final evaluation. There are five core classes (15 hours each) with three electives (eight hours each) for a total of 102 certificate hours.

As stated by Jackie Lacey who is AIFD, PFCI, and CFD certified from aifd.org, “AIFD is the national association helping to set the standards and excellence for floral design and floral artistry around the world.”

According to Renee Tucci, one of the floral design teachers who is both AIFD and CFD certified, “It is a timeless industry that has been in existence for hundreds of years. People will always be getting married, hosting soiree’s and looking for comfort as they lay their loved ones to rest. The perfect complement to these and countless other occasions is flowers!”

The reason behind adding this program to Bucks’ educational curriculum is not just because it is an enjoyable career path but also because there is flourishing demand for floral designers.

“There is a growing need for floral designers,” said Elena Lydon, assistant director of continuing education and community programs.

Tucci went on to add, “Many companies and employing technology friendly sites and apps are making it easier and easier for folks to order flowers, and floral design as an art form is being sought out more and more. I believe that floral arranging is a growing industry, both as a whole, and in niche areas.”

The program will take students two to three semesters to complete since not all classes are offered within the same session.

Core classes range from $385-$450 and electives can cost from $250-$300 which includes the material and flowers needed to learn the craft.

The types of classes a pupil can expect to take involve wedding/special occasions, sympathy/funeral flowers, amongst several other electives that vary each semester such as seasonal arrangements (summer) or designing with chicken wire.

Not only will students be able to bring home the arrangements that they make in class, they will be accelerating their floral design profession and growing their own unique style.

Tucci also states “If the student is focused and motivated, this curriculum could fast-track them on the path to achieving accreditation, which will open up countless doors for their career.”

The phrase ‘waking up and smelling the roses’ has never had such an impact to aspiring floral designers.