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RadioBux in Need of New Talent

Maia Van Valkenburgh, Centurion Staff

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RadioBux, a club at Bucks provides opportunities for students to host their own live radio shows as well as plans community concerts showcasing local bands. The club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 12:30 pm in Rollins 116.

Most notably, the club is known for its annual spring concert, BUX Fest. The concert is usually held outside, weather permitting, and offers a chance for the community to listen to local bands while enjoying a variety of games and food trucks.

The club has been active for many years, but just recently became alive with activity again in the past three years when their former club president, Benjamin Woodring, took office and made RadioBux a presence within the school community.

The new station manager and program director of the club, Nick “The Mad Hatter” Macy is a 29-year-old cinema/video major from Newtown, PA.

When asked how he got his nickname he said, “I’ve been wearing these rather silly patchwork corduroy hats for the past 10 years and it earned me the nickname ‘The Mad Hatter.’”

Through his initial term as station manager and program director, Macy has had to gain more club involvement. He said “a lot of the people who helped found the station in its current form have finally moved on to bigger and better things and we’ve been working hard to fill the voids left by the departure of so many talented people.”

One of the biggest challenges Macy has had to face is refilling the program schedule with student shows.

Macy has his own show called “Jammin’ with the Mad Hatter” that airs every Monday evening from 7:30 to 10:30.

His show is focused on bands like The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, and Phish, but he also likes to play local bands to give them exposure, too.

When asked how he initially got involved with the club, he said his professor and RadioBux club advisor, John Sheridan, told the class about opportunities within the club for students to be able to host their own radio show and Macy was interested.

John Sheridan, a professor of the department of the arts, has been the RadioBux advisor since the club was first established. He said he has watched the club grow exponentially within the last three years mentioning that “[they] just hit 10,000 listeners last year which really shows the impact they have.”

He hopes the club can gain more member involvement because the station is growing more than ever before and they have upgraded their streaming service and sound equipment to give students interested in radio a real feel for running a show.

The final member of the RadioBux cabinet is Casey Borsilli, a 21-year-old cinema/video major from Southampton, PA. She has been involved with the club for over two years now and she is the current director of events.

She also has a show that airs every Thursday evening from 5:00 to 6:50 called “Alternative Fix.” There, she features bands like The Arctic Monkeys.

One thing she hopes to accomplish this year is improving student involvement and planning an amazing BUX Fest.

RadioBux is looking for new members to join every day and, according to Macy, “it’s a great opportunity for people to explore the wonderful world of radio and it also give those interested in pursuing a career in this field and opportunity to get hands-on learning experience whether they are completely new or have background in the field.”

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RadioBux in Need of New Talent