Bucks to Stay Online for the Rest of the Spring 2020 Semester


Alyssa Moore, Centurion Staff

Bucks’ President, Stephanie Shanblatt, sent out an email to inform staff and students that the college has decided to continue distance learning until the end of the spring semester.

As the U.S. is moving into a reported “peak week” regarding COVID-19’s spread, social distancing and staying home is being stressed now more than ever.

After initially sending out an email on March 12 informing students and staff that the college would resume remotely until April 30, the college has since then moved and kept all of their classes online. Multiple colleges, universities and grade schools across the country have made the transition to e-learning.

Shanblatt stated in her email that, “The College has decided to extend the remote instruction period through the end of the Spring semester. All Spring 2020 courses that can be completed remotely shall do so.”

Michael Russo, 19, business major said, “I think it’s a good idea for Bucks to stay online. So far, my professors have been doing such a great job with the transition of going int online classes. I believe that Bucks is taking good preventative measures so that their students and staff are safe from the virus.”

Shanblatt continued that some courses cannot complete remotely due to lab or study work. The students will be able to complete remaining face-to-face components during the summer before Sep 24.

Maddie Durie, 20, health science major said, “I don’t really mind that the semester is online, however, I am taking a science course, so it can be difficult at times because we have labs. It’s unfortunate that I can’t get the hands-on experience that I do pay extra for, for the class.”

Students who are graduating this May who have a class that cannot be completed remotely have to complete their work by Aug 15 and will be issued their degree or certificate by Aug 31.

The college also announced the decision to allow students the option to pursue pass/no pass for their spring courses. Students can make this choice after the faculty has posted their final grades. If a student opts for either choice, it will not affect their GPA.

For more information regarding the pass/no pass options, a FAQ will be posted on bucks.edu.

Regarding the summer courses, Shanblatt said, “The College plans to conduct all instruction for the Summer I 6-week sessions remotely (including both currently scheduled face-to-face and hybrid courses). Remote instruction may take a variety of forms, such as through asynchronous web conferencing during the course’s scheduled class times. The first 6 weeks of the 12-week Summer I courses will also be via remote instruction.”

“It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s not like we’re the only school doing it, every school is so I think if we don’t take these precautions people would be upset,” said Durie.

Bucks will also be shifting commencement from an in-person event to a virtual one on the evening of May 28. All campuses will remain closed until further notice and the decision to return to campus before the end of the Summer I session will be made while considering governmental authorities and the safety of students and faculty.

“I do feel down that we have to take our Bucks classes online now. I miss my friends and being active on campus. But it’s good now that we have a chance to complete our courses, which I really appreciate,” said Russo.

Students are encouraged to ask any questions to their faculty member or to the appropriate Student Services department if needed.