Political Club Opens Floor For Abortion Debate


Members of Bucks’ new Political Club

Raeanne Raccagno

Bucks’ new “Political Club” held a public discussion contemplating whether “abortion is murder” to promote weekly civil discussions on uncomfortable political topics.

On Feb. 1 the Political Club set up a table with a sign that said “abortion is murder” outside of the Starbucks in the Rollins building from 11 – 12. The purpose of this event was not to promote an angry altercation, like society is used to, but instead a peaceful discussion.

For some, growing up in today’s culture means being surrounded by political figures who make outlandish videos to defame their opponents instead of shaking their hands. The students at Bucks have grown tired of these antics displayed by our “role models” and the general public.

As the next generation of leaders, Mark Francis and Drew Scafer, co-ed presidents of the If this is the club’s proper name then we should capitalize it throughout Political Club,  decided to take the matter into their own hands. By establishing a club that welcomes both viewpoints and encouraging weekly public political discussions so the younger generation can practice, become informed, and be the next set of role models to promote respect toward each other.

Schafer, a 24-year-old undecided major from Abbington explained how “The goal of today was to get people talking rationally on subjects that are typically not handled in a rational matter. To justify your viewpoint civilly so we can get a polite discourse going.”

As students walked by the table the two presidents engaged and explained their cause to others, causing surprised, impressed, and even excited reactions from most.

Ralph Varvel, a 25-year-old journalism and marketing major from Warminster, expressed his thoughts on the event. “I honestly think it is very healthy. We need questions and discussions, obviously, we don’t need to go at each other’s necks or be mean. Just a civil conversation of pure discussion where we ask questions remain calm and try to see the other point of view.”

By addressing hard topics, intense emotions will obviously be brought up. These topics, especially abortion, can be somebody’s trigger.

Park Gallery, a 21-year-old criminal justice major from East Falls, originally came because he “came here today to use a good argument against them.” However, instead of finding Gallery and the two presidents in a heated discussion, the three participants were sitting down and engaging with each other.

After their sit-down, nobody stomped off in frustration but instead, acquittances were made and thoughts, feelings, and solutions were talked about in a peaceful exchange.

Gallery then shares his feelings about the event afterwards, “It make Bucks feel like other 4-year universities and I think it’s valid, it’s the First Amendment right.”

Not only can these events promote students talking about their beliefs but it can also get them more informed about politics present today.

With the younger generation it seems there are either two sides when it comes to politics. Not right or left, but the those who choose to be informed, use their voice, and vote. Then there’s the other side who chooses to ignore the politics because it’s too “annoying” and “does not matter.”

By holding open discussions it can force others to become involved and further their understanding.

“I believe that everyone should be informed and involved with politics. When I was younger I didn’t care much but now that I’m older I see politics all around me,” says Francis Need to have full names of everyone we interviewa 30-year-old paralegal major from Langhorne.

The two presidents hopes for the club is to getting people talking again. “I think way too many people are yelling at screaming at each other,” expressed both presidents.

These open discussions will now be a weekly occurrence from 11-12 on Wednesdays in front of the Starbucks. The Political Club is active and looking for new members no matter their viewpoint. You should include any e-mail addresses or contact information for the club in case people want to join.