Bucks Celebrates Black History Month



Photo courtesy Unsplash

Megan Pizarro

The importance of Black History Month lies in everyone, of all races, educating themselves on Black history and its heavy meaning.

It helps bring insight to the injustices the Black community has endured worldwide. From degradation and discrimination, to the inhumanity of American slavery. Everyone has the opportunity to educate themselves on Black history.

Bucks County Community College is holding 3 events throughout February in honor of Black History Month! The month kicked off with “Lord, Write My Name: From Slavery to Freedom” on Feb. 3. Which depicted a musical tapestry interspersed with narratives, poetry, and letters penned by enslaved people and iconic Black figures throughout history.

On Feb. 16 at 12:30 p.m, BCCC’s Newtown campus will be presenting “The True Size of Africa”, where Associate Vice President of Government Relations Kevin Antoine will discuss how ‘’it was no accident that, for more than 400 years, Africa has been depicted much larger than it is. ‘’

There is also an event taking place at the Epstein Campus at Lower Bucks on Feb. 21, at 11 a.m. Activist and community leader John Jordan will present “The History of Voting Rights in America”. Discussing the women’s suffrage movement to the Voting Rights Act to recent attacks on the right to vote. 

These events are especially important to provide staff and students the opportunity to learn more about African Americans’ contributions to the survival of democracy in the United States. 

Antoine gave insight as to why the celebration of Black History Month is so special. He stated “God is good. Black History Month celebrates the trials and accomplishments of people who, by any stretch of the imagination, should not have survived the inhumanity it endured for over 400 years.”

The importance of Black History is to correct segments of American history, and educate people worldwide on the achievements and unearned suffering that African Americans continue to endure in the United States.

Antoine added, “To me, Black History Month is a celebration of the complete history of African Americans in the United States.” 

The celebration of Black History month is important for all backgrounds. Even those who have never been mistreated can gain insight and support those being celebrated throughout Black History Month. Furthermore, Antoine noted, “Human life as we know it started in Africa. When you get right down to the DNA, we are all Africans”

We are all humans who should celebrate the life and peace of other humans no matter the race.