Mark’s Registration Frustration

Mark Rowland

I despise waiting in lines.

Why should I waste my time standing next to people I don’t know in uncomfortable silence? What’s worse than waiting in lines is waiting in them when you don’t have to.

This is the annoyance that is registering for classes at Bucks.

Bucks has employed the most ridiculous system for registering. First you have to wait in line for an “academic advisor” – this is a person who could really care less about your schedule, they just want to move the line along.

Then you have to sit with your “academic advisor” and figure out if the classes you’ve selected are still available and if your schedule makes sense.

Well, that’s how it is supposed to work.

I definitely had the waiting in line part down pat. I waited in line for an hour and a half (and that was one of the shorter lines).

In front of me a cute 5-foot-3 brunette was trying to figure out her schedule with mom in tow. At least three quarters of the kids in line have yet to figure out their schedule before getting in line.

These people make me wait even longer, so I hate them. Even though this girl was of the attractive variety, she was wearing on my nerves. She complained to her mother that she didn’t know what classes to take.
For some reason people like me, who know what classes they need and have filled out their schedule already, have to wait in line with morons who have no clue.

Standing behind me was a 40-something bald man. The distinct smell of beer mixed with Drain-o permeated from his sweat-stained tee.

This guy kept asking the most asinine questions. I don’t know if you are in the right line sir. No, I don’t know what that smell is sir, but I think it’s coming from you. Yes, I am a student here – that’s why I’m standing in this line.

Finally – after a 2 hour wait – I reached the top of the line. The girl and her mother, though, could still not decide on her classes. I saw an advisor for another group of majors open, so I moseyed on over there.

Without hesitation he took my schedule. He looked it over and told me everything looked good, signed it and I was on my way. A 2 hour wait, for a 5 minute advising session with another person’s advisor – he didn’t even realize I’m a journalism major.

Now, what is even more moronic is that you have to go wait in another line after this! Another 2 hour wait with more unattractive, unintelligible, smelly prospective students.

On top of this, by the time you reach the computers, your classes may have been filled. So I waited and hoped my classes would still have space by the time I was finished with the line from hell. If they aren’t, then you rework your entire schedule on the spot (without useless advising of course).

I just don’t see the point of these long lines. I’m not waiting for the newest rollercoaster at Disneyland. I’m registering for my freakin’ classes!

Many people don’t realize that Bucks has online registration. The thing is, not many people can actually register online.

It’s only for part-time students.

Part-time students can register through the mail or online, but full-time students have to wait in huge lines for hours with the uncertainty of class-space hanging over their heads. This school actually makes it harder for its full-time students to get their classes!

They must be trying to get kids to transfer out of Bucks even quicker.

If you are a full-time student at Bucks you shouldn’t need the useless advising on registration days. Bucks has web-advising and they also have it on campus during the school year. Why do we need more advising when we register?

Bucks has the technology to make my life easier, but because I spend more time here than at work, my life has to be harder.

Stop the lines, stop the useless waiting, stop walk-in registration. Absolutely ridiculous.