Bucks student and American Idol hopeful

Renate Siekmann

To become a successful recording artist is what Bucks student Anatoliy “Anthony” Fedorov wants more than anything in the world and he may just get his wish. Fedorov is one of 16 finalists competing in Los Angeles for the much sought-after title of “American Idol” of the so-named popular Fox reality show.

Fedorov of Trevose, who will turn 20 on May 4, is the first Lower Bucks resident to reach the finals.

Doylestown native Justin Guarini, runner up in the first season of the show two years ago, lost to Kelly Clarkson. She has become a superstar with her latest album “Breakaway” being currently in the Top 10.

“Anthony is a great kid,” said retired music professor Helen Holcombe, who taught Fedorov voice lessons for one semester at Bucks. “He is very vivacious, has lots of talent and knows what he wants – a great combination.”

Fedorov has enjoyed singing for a long time – he started at the age of six – but he only began to seriously pursue his singing career after graduating from Neshaminy High School in 2003.

For the past two years, Fedorov has been taking classes at Bucks and performed with a 10-men band at Tatiana’s restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, on weekends. “Our patrons love his singing,” said Tatiana’s manager Alex Tropp. “He wants to succeed so badly, he has spoken of nothing else during the past few weeks.”

It is a miracle that Ukrainian-born Fedorov can sing at all. As a young child he had a lump removed from his vocal chords as well as a tracheotomy, an incision through the neck into the trachea to assist breathing. Doctors informed his parents at the time that he would probable never be able to speak.

They were wrong!

Now his parents are amazed to see him performing on national TV. “We only moved to this country from the Ukraine10 years ago,” said Fedorov’s mom Natalia in a recent phone interview. “So much has happened and we are so very proud of him.”

“Music is in his genes,” said Dennis Fedorov, his older brother. “Our father is a musician who plays accordion and guitar and our grandma always loved to sing. He got his talent from her.”

Fedorov has been in Los Angeles for the last couple of weeks but speaks to his family daily. “Don’t worry, mom and dad, is what he always tells us,” said his mom. “Everything will be ok.”

Winning the title of “American Idol” can open many doors to the music industry. Simon Fuller, one of the three judges on the show and creator of the “Idol” concept, promises top “American Idol” contestants a management contract with his company, 19 Entertainment, and a prearranged recording contract with a record company – RCA Records in the case of Clarkson. RCA Records is run by Clive Davis, an industry legend who engineered the creation of Whitney Houston, the Grammy-winning comeback of Santana, and the breakthrough of Alicia Keys, among others.

This is the chance Fedorov has been hoping for – the chance of a lifetime, and there are many people rooting for this cute blond Russian to succeed. Entering his name on a Google search generates 4,750 hits in 0.18 seconds. There are internet chat rooms, Web blogs, and fan clubs for all the people who can’t stop talking about him.

“It’s amazing,” said Tropp. “Whenever the show is on TV tons of our customers call and ask ‘is that our boy singing on TV?” Yes, it is our boy! He has the talent and all he needs is a little bit of luck. We wish him well!