Entertainment by Radio BUX


The Bucks College club
known as Radio BUX has been
meeting at the college since the
Fall 2009 semester, giving students
who have a knack for
talking in a microphone the
chance to deliver news as well
as music to both the college
and the Newtown area.
John Sheridan, the club
adviser, meets with the 25-30
member club about twice a
week for two hour meetings,
and may expand to as much as
five hours due to the desire to
work harder to meet the many
goals and tasks that Radio
BUX intends to accomplish.
The club has made improvements
of great value since its
inception and has not slowed
down thanks to technological
achievement and availability.
“The club is usually a favorite
of music and video production
majors, but anyone who has
the guts to get in front of a microphone is worth it,” said
student club president Kyle
One of Radio BUX’s biggest
accomplishments was getting
its first podcast off-air, which
happened near the end of this
past January.
This pod-casting method is
mainly used instead of broadcasting
for the club at the present
time. Its biggest future
accomplishment will be to get
at least five 45 minute shows
on radio broadcast.
The club has expressed a mission
to get a variety of news
stories as well as different genres
of music and entertainment
out to the students of Bucks,
while simultaneously giving
all club members the studio
production time they need.
“We intend to start out with
one radio show a month, but
we eventually want to do it
weekly,” Sheridan said.
Radio BUX is currently doing podcasts from 12:30
p.m. until 1:30 p.m. but it is
also currently attempting to
present shows at every other
hour of the college day.
The club aspires to do webradio
and AM broadcasting in
just a few months as well as
the live shows.
The signal from the studio
will not go any farther than
Newtown, but with future
technology looking up and
technological improvements
on the way Radio BUX may
have a lot more potential.
The addition by the college of
new equipment has also helped
greatly, according to Professor
Sheridan, who has digital
recording experience and
teaches digital audio and digital
recording, says that the club
has progressed far and makes it
clear that the club strives to
present accurate news,
“We make sure we get our
sources right whenever we are
going to do a news report on
our show. If we want to do a
news story about the Bucks
baseball team, we make sure
that we get information from
someone on the baseball team
and not some secondary
source, and we make sure to
talk to lots of people to get our
information right. Just looking
at the Internet for information
usually isn’t good enough for a
good radio broadcast,”
Sheridan stated.
Once the news sources have
been checked for information
and the broadcast is planned, it
is recorded in a recording studio
by Salmon, then edited and
put in the podcast.
Technology has taken many
people far in history, and with
upcoming improvements,
Bucks County Community
College and eventually all of
Newtown and beyond will
soon be getting all kinds of
great news, entertainment, and
music thanks to the people of
Bucks’ Radio BUX club!