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Find your passion – join a club

Looking for a people who love video games as much as you or a group of stu­dents serious about com­munity service or a place to express yourself?

Well look no further, Bucks has a wide variety of over 50 different clubs available for students who are curious about being a part of a student run group–30 of which are currently active at Lower Bucks, Newtown, and Up­per Bucks campuses.

The Clubs and Organi­zation office is located on Newtown campus directly across from the cafeteria and all are welcome.

Every student is invited to come into the office to ask questions regarding club membership as well as details about certain club events.

If recycling, leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and conserving energy is something you’re passion­ate about, on Thursday afternoons, in the Clubs and Organization office, the Eco-Club meets regularly from 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

According to the organi­zation’s mission statement, the Eco-Club’s purpose is, “to offer the opportunity for the students of Bucks County Community Col­lege to discover and im­plement effective ways to protect and preserve the ecological environment on their campus, their commu­nity and their world.”

Molly Lichtner, 20, envi­ronmental science major, and president of the Eco- Club said, “This semester we hope to plan another Tyler State park clean up. We had one last spring semester and it was very successful and lots of fun too!” Lichtner continued, “We’re hoping to team up with other clubs, like Phi Theta Kappa, to make this year’s event more success­ful.”

Like many other clubs, Eco-Club plans to raise funds by selling baked goods located across from the Gallagher Room some­time this semester.

“The bake sale we’re holding is to support the care of our leopard gecko Martha, who is used to ed­ucate children and visitors of the Churchville Nature Center.”

Finding refuge from such a judgmental world can be tough, however, the Open Door Club (ODC) wel­comes students and faculty with open arms (and their doors) to all, who want to be a part of a safe and receptive environment. The ODC meets every Thursday from 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m. in Rollins 116.

The ODC provides sup­port to gay, lesbian, bi­sexual, and transgendered (LGBT) students as well as straight allies who want to join and support the club in their fight for equality.

The organization also promotes awareness and education of their issues all while fostering an environ­ment of mutual respect and a celebration of the diversi­ty of all people.

“The ODC was formed to provide a safe space for LGBT students attending Bucks” Spatz continued,

“Our club promotes the education and awareness of a variety of health and social topics, mostly in­volving LGBT issues,” Emma Spatz, 21, liberal arts major, and president of the ODC.

The Open Door Club seeks to involve the com­munity by fundraising to promote the club and to also benefit the LGBT members.

“Our fundraising and events are all intended to benefit the community and promote our club, this spring semester we are hosting the annual alter­native prom on campus, where all proceeds from the ticket sales are donated to the Trevor Project–a sui­cide prevention group for LGBT youth” said Spatz.

She continued, “We also have had several past events, which includes our annual drag show…pro­ceeds from the event went towards housing at Bucks Villa for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.”

Spatz is elated for the clubs next major event held in May located in New Hope, PA, where the ODC will be featured in their annual Pride Parade.

The Open Door Club is in need of a treasurer and will be selecting candidates for election at their next meet­ing.

Music is for the soul and Radio Bux is for the beat­ing heart.

Like its cafeteria broad­casted-only radio station predecessor WTYL, Radio Bux provides educational, entertainment, music, and sports based broadcasts for the college community and offer Bucks students with cutting edge web-based radio experience.

The club hosted a CD and Record swap last semester and it turned out to be a much larger success than what President of Radio Bux, Ben RY, 20, cinema and video major expected, “the record swap last fall was more successful than our previous attempts, a megahit, people really responded well this time, and we’ll definitely be do­ing it again sometime this spring.”

RY’s plan for Radio Bux is to create more events that involve the club and the community.

“Radio Bux plans on doing more fundraising for ourselves and other groups in the community by doing bake sales, live music shows, and possibly karaoke.”

Radio Bux is looking for more members to join this spring and also next fall. Meetings are held every Thursday from 12:30 p.m.- 1:30 p.m. in the Solarium directly across the Gallagh­er room.

If Sailormoon is your spirit animal and Japanese animation appeals to your senses, the Anime Club welcomes you with delicate graces.

“The purpose of the club is to offer an enrichment of the Japanese culture through anime (Japanese animation) to the students of Bucks, and to also gather fans of the culture and the genre,” said Kathy Towell, 28, small business manage­ment major, and president of the Anime Club.

Towell explains the schedule of Anime Club to a T, “ On a weekly basis, on Monday’s we watch the same three or four series, one to two episodes a week of each; on Wednesday’s we do something of a ‘sam­pler’ where we show four to five different shows, one to two episodes a week, usually with a theme such as comedy day or fantasy day.”

Towell also wants to encourage others who are not familiar with the an­imation to simply “come and watch,” essentially to educate themselves about the culture.

“I want people to know more about it, so we can get rid of the stigma sur­rounding it a little,” Towell explained.

Towell is looking for­ward to Anime Club’s big event, Centuricon, which is held during the summer, all are welcome. Meetings are held on Monday and Wednesday every week, from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. in Penn Hall 253.

All other clubs and orga­nizations can be found on the Bucks website under campus life. All students are urged to participate in any student organization.

Further information about forming clubs/organiza­tions or participating in activities is available from the office of Student Life, located on the upper level of the Rollins Center, 215- 968-8257.