Memorial Service Held for Those Lost in 9/11 Terror Attacks

Connor Donaghy

Hundreds gathered for the Remembrance in Light Ceremony at the Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial in Yardley on Monday, Sept. 11 to remember the attacks against the United States in 2001.

The entrance lined with motorcyclists holding American flags high was a reminder of the unity felt after the attacks and the sense of pride that Americans feel when coming together. Firefighters, police officers, and members of the military were among those who attended the memorial. Bagpipes were played in the background as many came to pay their respects and quietly observe the memorial and gardens.

The vigil began with a rendition of “God Bless America” by a choir of teens as flags were waved to the sky. Speaking of the hurricanes that damaged the states of Florida and Texas, a speaker noted how Americans once again exhibited strength and compassion. Led by a soldier holding a large American flag, dozens walked behind in solidarity with their own flags.

As they made their way to the main fountain of the memorial, the choir sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” as many in the crowd joined in and sang along. “We should never forget 9/11. It was such a tragedy that we need to always remember so we can be mindful and so that we prevent another attack,”  we really have to have full names of the people we interview Winnie of Bristol Township, whose granddaughter was part of the choir. Carol we need full names of people we interview of Yardley, agreed stating that “People’s memories are short, we need to remind the world the attacks, and those who died.”

As night descended on the vigil, candles were lit as speakers read the names of all the Bucks Country residents killed on Sept. 11. A bell was rung each time a victim’s name was read as people remembered each victim. Those impacted by the attacks and members of the families of causalities were among the attendees and speakers who all wanted people to never forget the attacks.

In addition, members of each of the branches of the armed forces were honored and those who lost their lives in the years following 9/11. Barbara need full name, of Philadelphia, attended the ceremony to honor those who lost their lives in the attack. “I wanted to remember the first responders and heroes that risked their lives that day. I want to make sure nobody forgets so this will never happen again”, she stated.

As the vigil came to an end, the choir once again surrounded the fountain with candles in hand and were joined by a small choir made up of young children. They crooned the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” as members of the audience held their own candles and watched the choir. As they finished the song, the illuminated fountain was turned on as people watched in awe as the two fountains symbolizing the Twin Towers shot up to the night sky.

A solemn reminder of Sept. 11, 2001, the ceremony brought together hundreds who wanted the world to never forget the terror attacks. If this vigil was a microcosm of America, it is safe to say that this day will be remembered by generations to come.