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Jazz at Bucks

October 25, 2004

Irish Folk Band Performs at Bucks

Andy Connolly

October 20, 2003

Morning Star, an Irish folk band from New York, came to the library auditorium on Saturday October 11th for the tenth annual Irish festival. This is the second year that the festival has been hosted here at Bucks County Community...

Rundown to Theatres!

Nick Townsend

October 13, 2003

If you like random senseless humor and gratuitous action then you will love "The Rundown." Beck (The Rock) is a mild mannered tough guy who is sent to Brazil to retrieve his boss's son, Travis (Sean William Scott). It's not...

Heavier Sound

J M Yingst

October 13, 2003

John Mayer's new album "Heavier Things" has uniqueness to it, but lacks "something." His preceding chart-topping album, "Room For Squares" has a quality to it that seemed unparalleled, and for the most part, has been proven....

My Top 40 80s Movies, Part 2

J M Yingst

October 13, 2003

As some of you may have read the beginning of my series last week, here is the latter half of my top 40 80s movies in random order. And again, these reflect the stereotyped genre of classic cheesy 80s film. Enjoy. 21~Top Gun:...

Catch the Fever

Burak, Melissa

October 13, 2003

If you are looking for a movie with gory blood and tons of chills Cabin Fever is now playing in theaters for you to see. This bone-chilling movie is a knock off of old classic horrors put together without any supernatural effects....

Six Feet Under Album Thicker Than Blood

Mike Pezzillo

September 22, 2003

In the true spirit of nihilistic metal, Six Feet Under returns with Bringer of Blood, the band's fifth aural assault since its inception in 1995. Produced by lead singer Chris Barnes, this album leads our minds through a waste...

Musician Warren Zevon Dead at 56

Jessica Shannon

September 22, 2003

Warren Zevon passed away at his home in California on Sunday, September 7th. He was 56 years old. Zevon was diagnosed with a rare and deadly form of lung cancer in August of 2002. His doctors gave him just three months to live....

My Top 40 Greatest 80’s Movies

J M Yingst

September 22, 2003

In no specific order, I'd like to share my favorite movies of the Great Decade- the 80s. Weird plots, bad acting and worse clothes, yet strangely enough its movies have an eerie draw to them. Now, when I say 80s I'm using it loosely-...

Nazi Filmaker Dies At 101

Daniel Young

September 22, 2003

Leni Riefenstahl, the German filmmaker whose career stretched seventy years and included major Nazi propaganda, died Sept. 8. She was 101. Ms. Riefenstahl started her show business tenure with some acting roles, but is best known...

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