The Centurion

ISIS: A new threat in the Middle East

John Fey

October 14, 2014

As U.S. military operations increase in Syria and other parts of the Middle East in response to the Islamic State’s growing sphere of influence many students are left wondering how to handle the crisis. The Islamic State...

College places restrictions on use of e-cigarettes around campus

Grant Smith

June 11, 2014

Students who use electronic cigarettes are now subject to the same restrictions as regular smokers, Bucks President Dr. Stephanie Shanblatt announced during the final Open Forum of the academic year. This announcement came alongside news of changes in policies regarding the children of Bucks fac...

Pothole Pandemic!

Pothole Pandemic!

March 13, 2014

Driving etiquette: Tips for the harsh-weather traveler

Molly Harms

March 13, 2014

Most students at Bucks have had to face driving through harsh weather this winter. Harsh weather refers to anything that increases your stopping distance. This includes things like snow, rain and ice. Janson Fidishun offers...

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