The Centurion

Geese strike back


April 1, 2010

Last semester, we reported on the great strides that Bucks was making to help keep the grounds free of geese and their waste. The groundskeepers had been training their dogs to chase the geese from certain areas of campus, claiming...

PETA sues Mother Nature


April 1, 2010

In February 2010, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) filed suit for another case for animal abuse. The person accused of animal cruelty goes by the title Mother Nature. It was found that Mother Nature repeatedly...

Yellowstone may blow


April 1, 2010

The most famous national park in the United States hasn't erupted in 640,000 years, but scientists and employees who work at the park believe it won't be long before the park erupts. Citing a huge increase in geyser activity,...

Students ready for spring


March 9, 2010

With spring slowly approaching, Bucks students take heart in knowing that they will no longer have to deal with the obstacles that the winter months brought this season. Sick of winter, Kasey Woodward, 18, a science major from...

Students remember some of their weirdest dreams

Annmarie Ely

November 10, 2009

When Danielle Fabru was 6 she had a nightmare that Michael Jackson was outside her window. "I'll never forget it. Michael Jackson was in my window. The white face and the black hair smashed against the window," said Fabru, 19,...

Saving Earth one t-shirt at a time


November 3, 2009

Every time Bucks student Ian McLean sells a t-shirt, he plants a tree. So far McLean and his partners have planted 1,000 trees through Verde Styles, an environmentally conscious t-shirt company they launched last year. The student...

The ghost of Tyler Hall

October 27, 2009

Caroline Genovese: A Profile of the Bucks psychology professor


October 6, 2009

prisons, led seminars and worked in other various community settings and eventually decided to add teaching to her resume. "In my line of work, I've always found myself educating something, whether it was awareness or empowerment...

Award-winning cartoonist sheds light on the image of America


September 29, 2009

Joe Szabo, the highly accomplished former political cartoonist, visited Bucks to shed light on his findings in world-wide research and his upcoming new book "The Image of America." Szabo spoke at the Lower Bucks campus on Sept....

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