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Phillies Open Their Doors On Media Night

Joe Roatche

April 27, 2017

Filed under Sports

On April 11, the Philadelphia Phillies opened the doors of Citizens Bank Park to a group of 200 inspired students to take part in the media night themed baseball game, which featured a panel of experts in the fields of marketing...

Who Will the Eagles Pick in the NFL Draft?

Gianfranco Illiano

April 27, 2017

Filed under Sports

The draft is finally here! And I mean, literally, it’s here in Philadelphia. For the first time since 1961, the City of Brotherly Love is hosting the NFL Draft. The draft is important for all teams, obviously. But we’re...

Joel Embiid Should be Rookie of the Year

Gianfranco Illiano, Centurion Staff

April 13, 2017

Filed under Sports

The 2016-17 NBA regular season is coming to an end—at least for the Sixers. This season however, was not as disastrous as past seasons for 76ers fans. They finally got to see Joel Embiid, the man who fans call “The...

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